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Forsyth Friends, Inc. is a volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization started in 2017 in Forsyth County, Georgia—our Mission Statement:  To organize volunteers and resources to benefit our communities.


We mobilize volunteers and resources to address the needs of people affected by adversity: 

  • Working with local groups to provide needed supplies to those affected by natural and man-made disasters

  • Raising funds for charitable organizations to assist in their spirited missions.

 Joining forces with local volunteers, corporate partners and beloved sponsors allows us to identify community needs upon which we can effectively focus and successfully address in a timely manner.

Some of our volunteers/corporate partners  have worked for over twenty years with numerous civic groups and community projects in Forsyth County.  These efforts have benefited a diverse collection of causes, including:

  • American Cancer Society

    • Golf tournaments (including the Ernie Johnson Memorial Golf Tournaments)

    • Galas including Oktoberfests, Margaritas With a Mission, Redneck Bash (featuring Jeff Foxworthy), and Mardi Gras Bash

  • American Legion veterans and youth programs

  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Forsyth County

  • Easter Seals

  • Family Promise of Forsyth County

  • Forsyth County food pantries

  • Forsyth County Humane Society

  • Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes golf tournaments

  • Special Olympics of Forsyth County

  • United Methodist Committee on Relief 



         Executive Committee:                                                Other Board Members:             

                  Valerie Young, President                                                  Stephen Brewer

                  Jean van der Sommen, Vice President                            Cheryl McFadden

                  Jacqulyn Kenton, Secretary                                             William P Millisor

                                                                                                               Latinia Oldham




                 Janet Blevins                              Linda Gillespie                          Bill Millisor

                 Debbie Booth                              Linda Henderson                      Judy Muntan

                 Stephen Brewer                          Elizabeth Holcomb                   Liz Newell

                 Linda Buckley                            Debbie Kelley                            Latinia Oldham

                 Bobby Campbell                        Carolyn Lanier                          Terry Spain

                 Dave Cloud                                 Marvin Lee                                Bill Stone

                 Ralph Compton                          Nancy Lindgren                        Vicki Wiley

                 Linda Conyers                            Dolores McCabe                        Valerie Young

                 Ann Crowley                               Mary Beth McNaughton

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